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Flexible Technology Solutions for Your Market Research Needs
"Don't Bark Up The Wrong Tree"
Panel and Community Solutions

Our state of the art technology brings the power of proprietary panels into the hands of business
owners of all sizes.  Previously, this technology was cost prohibitive and available only to the
largest of organizations.

Alexis Research can recruit a panel of your targeted customer base, either specifically for you,
or as part of a shared panel across similar business types.

By doing so, we can create online feedback panels, of both current and potential customers, that
effectively stretch your marketing dollars.

An additional benefit of on online panel is the creation of an online "community", where
members of the panel interact with each other, and the panel owner.  This powerful tool
encourages panel member feedback, even when not actively fielding a survey, and fosters a
sense of belonging to something important.  This feedback can easily be distributed back to the
panel owners.

The end result is higher quality and more cost effective market research for your business.